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World Remit LTD

Zero Fees on your first transfer

World Remit LTD

Transfer money without any fee to any of the 100+ countries

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If this is your first time sending money abroad with us, your first money transfer will be free of any WorldRemit transfer charges. You can transfer money without any fee to any of the 130 countries in our network by using the Promo Code ‘FREE’.

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  1. Sign up by clicking the button below
  2. Select where you want to send money from our drop-down country list, and enter the amount you wish to send. You’ll first see our low fees and exchange rate up front
  3. Add your recipient’s details
  4. Enter the code FREE in the promo code area for a fee-free money transfer

Pay no fees on your first transfer - Enter the code 'FREE'

Terms and conditions

The promotion code FREE provides the user with a 100% discount on WorldRemit money transfer fees on their first transfer with WorldRemit. The code is valid for one transfer until 11pm GMT+1 on 31st May 2022.The code must be applied during the payment process to benefit from the discount.

This promotion must not be abused and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Each customer is entitled to one voucher only. We reserve the right to alter, suspend or cancel this promotion at any time. You are liable for any personal tax consequences and compliance with relevant law in relation to this promotion. Our website and app terms and conditions, found via the link below, apply alongside these specific Terms and Conditions.

Deal Expires:

August 31, 2022

Updated on:

July 18, 2022

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